Special Needs Law

Special needs families are faced with difficult choices and insufficient information. Marc Davies spent a decade learning about ASD and services available for his son, including IEPs and funding options. Now he advises other families of the options available to them,including testing, special accommodations, private placement and various therapeutic options.

Marc Davies, P.C. solves problems, focusing on advocating for families with special needs children. Our goal is simple: identify core problems, abilities and needs, and effectively communicate with schools districts and other caregivers until solutions arise that work for all. Solving problems, one child at a time.

Environmental Law

Government regulation and enforcement of environmental laws is a highly complex and ever changing environment. Marc Davies provides decades of experience on the regulatory, litigation, and transactional sides of the law, and can provide quick and efficient solutions to a host of problems.

A Fundamental Right to ABA

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Qualifying for an IEP

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Medical Assistance and ABA

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