Environmental Transactions

Marc Davies’ transactional experience focuses on regulatory compliance issues facing industrial facilities, and real estate, business, and financial transactions, including emerging unconventional natural gas development issues in Pennsylvania. Marc has spent fifteen years working on M&A transactions, from small to medium manufacturing or other light industrial deals, to high profile, complex situations involving the transfer of contaminated properties such as Three Mile Island. He also assists a group of investors from Norway that frequently buy, sell and manage companies in the United States.

Marc learned transactional due diligence through the crcucible of litigation, working on the back end of a deal gone bad. That matter, involving the transfer of numerous light manufacturing facilities in the East Coast and Europe, spawned a host of lawsuits, with the adequacy of the environmental due diligence playing the central role. Seeing words and phrases in the key deal documents blown up for presentation to a commercial court in New York provided Marc with insight into how to structure both the due diligence and the final language in the various deal documents and schedules.

Marc spent the next 12 years handling the enviornmental components of numerous transactions while at Ballard Spahr, where his litigation background made it easier to explain why he asked for a particular word, phrase, or definition. Openings like: “I litigated your version, where it was given three different meanings. I would like to spare everyone that pain by making it clearer from the outset” make his requests seem more reasonable.