Special Needs Law

Marc Davies, P.C. solves problems, focusing on advocating for families with special needs children. Our goal is simple: identify core problems, abilities and needs, and effectively communicate with schools districts and other caregivers until solutions arise that work for all. Solving problems, one child at a time.

Legal Issues and rights involving Special Education and other disabilities can be complicated. Marc Davies brings the insight of a special needs parent with the knowledge of a lawyer and special needs advocate to offer families help with this complex area of the law. Marc works hand in hand with a variety of educational experts, including speech-language pathologists, reading specialists, occupational and physical therapists and psychologists.

Each child presents a different set of strengths and weaknesses, and these specialists help the family to better understand their child’s unique needs. Once these needs are better understood, Marc is able to present a clear picture of the parents’ goals to the school district, whether at an informal meeting, or through the IEP process. These goals often include accommodations and specialized instruction, and may involve private school placement.

Marc tries to achieve family goals without bringing a lawsuit, which often allows the parties to focus on settlements that are in the best interests of the child, and that do not cause heartache and financial strain on parents and school districts. If a collaborative solution is not possible, Marc advocates for his clients through the formal dispute resolution process, which includes Due Process Hearings.