Children with Special Needs

Marc Davies, P.C. specializing in strategies to effectively deliver appropriate support services to children with special needs. Marc established, a website dedicated to empowering families in their efforts to support their special needs children. Marc got his “PhD in insurance and support services” advocating for his son, who was originally misdiagnosed with ADHD, but who made great strides after an Asperger’s diagnosis, many years of comprehensive treatments, and is now looking at colleges. Marc put this knowledge to use helping many pro-bono clients with issues involving medical assistance, insurance coverage for testing and other services, IEP’s and private placement. See Special Needs Services Provided.

Marc now dedicates a large portion of his practice to helping families in need and speaks to scholastic and local community organizations about his “Tips From the Trenches: Advice from a Parent and Lawyer About Services and Funding Options Available for Special Needs Children.”

Marc received his Juris Doctor from Temple University in 1997, and obtained both a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania.