Special Needs Services Provided

Discovering that your child is on the spectrum, or has another disability that creates its own of special needs, is very difficult for everyone, and puts a strain on the entire family. After going through this process myself, and making big mistakes along the way, my legal training allowed me to move from a place of anguish to one of advocacy. Helping others became a challenge that I looked forward to more and more, as I spent less and less time practicing other areas of law. Whether you have spent years working the system to advocate for your child, or days, there are always more things to learn, more angles to navigate around and through. In addition to working through the IEP process with school districts, I am happy to assist your family with:

  • Secondary Insurance. Get rid of co-pays and add coverage which may not be available through your primary. Secondary insurance, sometimes called Medical Assistance, is available through state or federal programs, even if you earn a good living.
  • Testing. When to get a private evaluation, and what types of tests best ID your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Insurance Disputes. Your insurance coverage may pay for a lot more of the testing and other services than they are willing to admit.
  • New and unique scholastic or social growth programs or school placements may be available at no cost. Grants for summer programs are often available.
  • A gap year may be in your child’s future, but finding the right program can be difficult.

Please look at how to get the services your child needs.