Government Investigations

Marc’s practice encompasses assisting pharmaceutical and industrial clients in responding to regulatory matters, including governmental investigations and criminal or civil prosecutions. Marc represented an environmental laboratory facing criminal charges for alleged fraudulent lab practices, helping them to a pre-indictment resolution. He also represented a large manufactuer of titanium dioxide in Delaware who faced a host of potential criminal violations under the Clean Water Act, and separate potential charges under the reguluations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Marc spent almost four years acting as independent counsel for doctors, scientists, and key senior thought leaders and business managers involved in various civil and criminal actions related to VIOXX and Zyprexa. Those years spent representing the entire spectrum of Merck employees allowed Marc to learn each step of in the life cycle of a drug, from early-stage development and testing of the molecule, to clinical trials, development and roll-out of sales and marketing materials for sales reps and doctors, to mechanisms for gathering post-launch data and disseminating information to the public through “Dear doctor” letters and other published materials.